About the system

ISUN 2020

Information system for management and monitoring of EU funds in Bulgaria - ISUN 2020 is designed to collect and process data for the following operational programs implemented in Bulgaria in 2014 - 2020:

  • Good governance
  • Transport and transport infrastructure
  • Regions in growth
  • Human Resources Development
  • Innovation and Competitiveness
  • Environment
  • Science and education for smart growth

The system consists of two main modules public and internal, are currently working with the public module where you have the opportunity to submit proposals and subsequently to report their performance. Indoor unit is designed to operate the units for management and monitoring of programs with its help discover new procedures, evaluate proposals, contracts, record and monitor results.

The main objective of the system is that all data from their origin to be collected and reported electronically so that later they can be easily and reliably as possible to monitor the implementation of each program by various criteria and indicators can have traceability each procedure and contract can automate the reporting of the results of the implementation of the programs at management level and the EU.

The system is completely web based and can work with it only need a web browser, additional technical details can be found in the section Help.

We will be happy if the system is simple to use and was able to save you time and effort. If you want to help us to improve it, you can use the page Feedback, we will try as quickly and accurately answer all your queries.

The system was developed under the project: "0115-CCU-2.1" Information system for management and monitoring of EU funds in 2014-2020 - MIS 2020 "(BG161PO002-2.1.01-0007)" funded by the Operational Programme "Technical Assistance" and financed by the European Union through the European regional Development Fund.

© 2015 Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria

The project is funded by The technical assistance fund, financed by the financial mechanism of the EEA and the Norwegian financial mechanism 2014-2021